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Water Saving Aerator For Faucet
Super Pressurized Shower
FENGQI water saving products are designed to fit different needs. 
Domestic or public. Business or home. Hotel or house.
Here you can find great products: Water saving aerators! Different kinds and styles satisfy for all your demand ! Our products are general used for bathroom and kitchen. We are sure you'll be like them and bring them to your home. Enjoy your home and life, Save more water and money,  is just what we are aiming for!
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    How can I save water in my home?

    Do you have a leaky faucet? A little drip may not seem like much, but a faucet that drips just five times a minute may be wasting more than 200 gallons of water a year.
    Do you leave the faucet running when you brush your teeth? Turn it off to save 70 gallons per month or more. You can also install water-saving faucet aerators to further reduce your faucet water use. If you don’t have water-saving aerators, please check our water saving aerator for taps and choose the one you like.
    Do you like long showers? The normal shower wasting water up to 75 gallons per month. You can try our water saving shower.  
    Conservation kits (including high-efficiency shower heads, water saving aerators, and more) please contact us online.

  • How should I choose between the water saving aerators?

    There are many factors to consider when making the right decision: water pressure, your water usage habits and the type of your water heating device. If you are think of buying a regular water saving aerator, then the place of installation will predetermine the right choice. We recommend the following aerators for different places:
    2 liter / minute – Washing hands in separate toilet area
    3 liter / minute – Washing hands in the bathroom
    4 liter / minute – Washing dishes and hands in the kitchen
    6 liter / minute – Washing dishes and hands in the kitchen

  • Can the water saving aerators be installed on all faucet types?

    Most faucets are M24 or F22 type. The M (short for male) stands for the thread type of the aerator. This aerator type is screwed inside the end of the faucet. The F (short for female) stands for the thread type. This aerator type is screwed outside of the faucet pipe. The numeric value depicts the size of the faucet.
    Besides the regular M24 and F22 faucet sizes, you will find 18 (junior) and 28 (bathtub) type faucets. There are some faucets with special sizes like antique faucets. We also offer different options of other unique faucets.

NEW TYPE water aerator 
To save water, you have to start with the tap. In general, the principle of the ordinary water-saving faucet is to reduce the amount of water as much as possible and limit the flow of water, but this kind of thinking only have very limited water saving effect. 
Through a unique design, the water is atomized into millions of fine droplets and speeds up the flow of water from the faucet, which in turn greatly increases the area of use and allows all water to be used effectively.
SUPER  pressurized shower 
The super pressurized technology and unique design make the water spray from the silicone nozzle to have larger using area. The powerful impulse force enables you to enjoy the SPA at home and save at least half of the hot water. Save more electricity and save money.
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